Executive profiling

We never liked the term ‘thought leadership’. It feels like someone overcompensating. We all have opinions, and we can help turn yours into persuasive reasoning which appeals to your audience. We consider ‘executive profiling’ a chance to build a leader’s personal brand.
All audiences are different, so we make your copy appropriate, whether it’s for:

LinkedIn/social media
Website/blog (owned content)
Opinion editorials
Speech writing

Media relations / training

Commswork creates and promotes interesting content. We design campaigns which reach those who can help build your business; positioning you as someone worth listening to in your industry.

We train C-suite execs for tough interviews with the likes of Bloomberg/CNN. Our team has coached spokespeople from the Walt Disney Company through to Google.

We specialise in B2B communications working with entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone looking to reach a technology and marketing audience.

Crisis communications

Time is paramount when a crisis hits. A calm and considered approach is often tough to think through when it feels like all eyes are on you. We work on call for clients to formulate an immediate strategy and response which often encompasses multiple stakeholders. Our team of professionals have learned a lot guiding business leaders through difficult times.