Why us


Aren’t all agencies the same? Most agencies offer similar tailored services. Each has its own storytelling spiel on why they’re different. At Commswork, we simplify the client/agency relationship as well as your business. To appeal to your audience, it often helps to remove language that can exclude – acronyms, everyday jargon and cliches.

We evaluate your position in market, develop messaging that resonates with your audience and then promote your thoughts and work to those that can distribute it wider to your potential customers.

You need to trust those you’ve enlisted for comms support. Believe they work for your benefit and not treat you as another stat on their books.

If you want dedicated senior counsel and an honest/open relationship, then get in touch.


Bobi Carley, UK Commercial Director for The Walt Disney Company, said: “Liam is great to work with, studious and insightful in his approach. He uses industry knowledge to great effect in comms strategy.”




James Hulme, Committee for Sydney Director of Advocacy, said: “Liam did a fantastic job fine-tuning and sharpening some of our research work. He demonstrated a keen eye for detail, attractive writing style and deep policy knowledge of the subject.”




Michaela Turancova, founder of Wingal, said: “I went to one of Liam’s PR 101 workshops and it was incredibly useful! He’s got the great balance between PR and marketing which is often forgotten about today. With some advice from him I pitched to a few journalists and got a feature on my startup published in the Australian Financial Review!!! Can’t thank him, or recommend him enough. If you have a chance definitely get yourself to one of his events ASAP!”


Lea Simpson, Director from digital agency TH_NK said: “I had the pleasure of working with Liam for many years during my time as an exec at TH_NK. Our task was a nightmare. The work we were doing was highly confidential, there was often no tangible output and I had a busy day job that kept me busily preoccupied with everything but PR. Not only was Liam brilliantly persistent, he also worked hard with me to give the agency a great reputation for appearances on the news and all over the tech and business press. He really cares and it shows in the results.”