We travelled to New York for World Blockchain Forum

There are so many songs about New York, it’s impossible to walk the streets without humming at least one of the them – be it Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and their epic Empire State of Mind, LCD Soundsystem’s anti-love song or Interpol’s slightly darker still tale of spoilt New York Kids.


We were back in the city again, a place which brings back special memories for our head of communications having proposed to his now wife there.

This time though, it was World Blockchain Forum that enticed us back with promises of the new big thing in crypto. After all, it is where Ethereum and Dash were previously launched.

The main announcement this time round came from Beam, a retail blockchain platform to restructure how we think and go about buying products, read more on iTWire.

Discussing securities and their future within the crypto space was CNBC Africa.

And finally Bitcoin Centre founder Nick Spanos, gave a rousing speech about the potential of blockchain and the fact it doesn’t need to ask government permission, read more on BitsOnline.

We finished the visit off with a customary visit to Yankee stadium for a little relaxation, which would have been easier without a close 4-5 loss to the Nationals