Liam Fitzpatrick, head of comms, offering Forbes readers insights on combatting Covid-related falsehoods

Headshot of PR expert and autistic leader Liam Fitzpatrick head of communications for Commswork

At the end of last week, our very own head of communications, Liam Fitzpatrick, spoke with Forbes in the US to offer his thoughts on the ongoing fight against misinformation, particularly around vaccines to circulate across social media.

Liam Fitzpatrick, head of communications at Commswork, said business leaders can help combat Covid-related falsehoods by:

  • Improving the story with which we fight misinformation. Make it more personal and illustrate your argument with examples from across the country of how people have been directly impacted by coronavirus as a result of misinformation and lack of a vaccine. The closer an event is to a subject, the more open they’ll be to hearing the message.
  • Making the story stick in the target audience’s minds, storytelling consultancy Anecdote advises it needs to be compatible with what the listener knows, coherent, credible and believed by others.
  • Creating a network of companies that offer stories from their own unique perspectives from their workforce. Hearing the same message from the same type of people, won’t have the same power as the networked effect of professional leaders all offering their experiences. The responsibility falls on us all.

To read the article in full, head over to Forbes.