Cut the Cliches – Episode Nine – Roland Storti

ICOs are soooo last year, well the first half of the year anyway. It’s all about Security Token Offerings (STOs) if you’re looking to raise capital in the crypto space now.

Regulation is needed in the space, according to our guest this week Roland Storti, who joins us for part two of our blockchain special. This week we pick up where we left off, with London-based founder Storti who was in Brisbane for Urban Motion at the end of 2018. We caught up with him backstage so apologies for any background noise from speakers.

A picture of Liam Fitzpatrick and Roland Storti taken at Urban Motion in Brisbane
Liam Fitzpatrick and Roland Storti at Urban Motion

We speak to Roland about:

What Minfo is and how it started.

Why he’s focusing on events and developing a LinkedIn meets Tinder functionality.

He walks us through the difference between ICOs and STOs.

Regulation in the space.

How technology is democratising the investing.

The importance of building a community.

How to run an STO, what you need to know.

Token models in business and the immediate future for STOs.

The future for Minfo. And we close on the importance of weekends and a social life for founders.


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