Cut the Cliches – Episode Eight – Tom Nash

This week begins our blockchain technology special.

For Episode 8 we caught up with Tom Nash, CTO and co-founder at Flex Dapps back in September 2018.

Tom guides us through the language in the industry along with:

Tom Nash

A brief history of ICOs
Explaining Dapps and what he’s doing with Flex Dapps
The potential for blockchain The barriers for the technology The importance of data security
And regulation in web3.0


Tom is a Software Engineer of five years and CTO and co-founder of Flex Dapps. He’s been working with the Ethereum blockchain since 2016. He has a deep interest in everything decentralised and has run countless beginner and intermediate level workshops over the last 18 months. If you ask around for technical blockchain experts in Australia, Tom’s name is one that will pop up time and time again.

Cut the Cliches returns a week on Sunday with part two of our blockchain technology special.